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World Plastics is considered as one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing of advanced piping systems since 1984 .

World plastics is the first company in Jordan producing Polypropylene Random Copolymer ( PPRC ) ( Thermopipe ) and the only company manufacturing cross-linked polyethylene pipes with oxygen diffusion barrier ( PEX 5L ) which  prevents the entry of oxygen inside the pipe .

During the last 27 years in business , World plastics has gained outstanding experience and recognition of its clients and principles ; it is qualified to be a credited agent for many international brands .

World plastics is producing six kinds of plastic pipes :

1- THERMOPIPE and fittings : A thermal polypropylene random copolymer ( PPRC ) pipe , used in     domestic hot and cold  water networks and main lines(raisers), central heating systems, and production lines of chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries .

2- ALUTHERMOPIPE : A thermal polypropylene random copolymer ( PPRC ) pipe improved virgin of ( THERMOPIPE ) pipe with an intermediate aluminum layer strengthens the pipe and reduces its thermal expansion, used in domestic hot and cold water networks and main lines(raisers), central heating systems, and production lines of chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

3- THERMOPEX : A cross-linked polyethylene plastic pipe (PEX) used in cold and hot water networks and under-floor heating networks, easy to install and maintain, corrosion resistant, and safe to transfer water and most of liquids .

4- PEX 5L : A thermal cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PEX), improved virgin of (THERMOPEX) with oxygen diffusion barrier, used for under-floor heating systems, medical fluids and gases, cooling systems.

5- ELECTROPIPE and its fittings : Are made out of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), used for electric networks, high strength / weight ratio, flame retardant.

6- AQUAPIPE : is made of high density polyethylene compound (HDPE), used for water and sewage networks, and the main lines of irrigation networks.

In addition , World plastics is the sole agent and exclusive distributor of reputable international companies from Europe and Asia, for most of middle east countries  in the following brands :

* APE                 : Italian brass fittings ( exclusive agent in the middle east ).

* EUROSTANDARD   : Italian butt fusion and electrofusion welding fitting for HDPE pipes.

* SUYAP             : Turkish Compression fittings for HDPE pipes

* HTM                : China brass fittings DESO                           : China Pipes and fittings.

World plastics is distributing its products inside Jordan through credited dealers as well as outside Jordan through credited agents designated in many countries, such as Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and UAE.

Customers satisfaction, high quality products and on time delivery are priorities  within world plastic and we are dedicated to continuous improvement at all levels of our company.


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